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If you think you have seen everything about YouTUBE generation, LoomTV will offer you the next step: When you won't know what to see now you will be able to see what others are watching and watch new videos.

LoomTV gives you a slick combination of video entertainment and community. When you access LoomTV, you'll be able to create channels and groups of different kinds of videos. You only have to type the url of the YouTUBE videos or Google videos and they'll be added. Maybe you prefer to add a video which is being viewed by other users, you only have to have a look to the screen and see what other users are watching and add their videos to your favourite channels.

In addition you can chat and comment the videos with them. The video can be sized to fit your screen or minimized as you desire.

You’ll find a wide variety of videos, from the educational to pure entertainment, comedies and more.

Finally, LoomTV is totally free. Give it a try, you'll see new videos and you'll have fun.
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